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Nimsy is adopted!

It’s truly amazing how you can find the right person for a pet.  We lucked out and found a great couple for Nimsy, who have space for her to run and grow.  It was bitter sweet for the kids, but we all know she’s found a great home. And we are looking forward to our next foster puppy.


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Nimsy Week 2

Well, Nimsy has been with us for 2 weeks and has learned so much.  She’s learned that other dogs and people are okay.  Cats are great fun to chase depending on which cat she chooses.  Chickens are always good to chase.  She likes to play fetch as well.  She has had 2 meet and greets and will hopefully be with her new family by Saturday.

I’ve learned that I enjoy having a puppy around the house.  The little antics are fun to watch and the learning is amazing.  I do not enjoy the occasional oops in the house or being gnawed on  when I’m sitting on the floor.  Overall this is a great experience, and I can’t wait for our next foster puppy.  received_10212774060769110 (1).jpeg

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