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Nimsy- 8 wk foster puppy Day 1

My husband, P, and I have become part of an animal fostering community in our area.  We had fostered 2 adults, one went well and one did not so we stopped for awhile, but I kept in touch with the people.  Now that it’s summer and I’m off of work, I thought we’d try it again since we have more time to do it right.  So in walks Nimsy, an eight week old mix (my guess German Shepard and ?).  She was so shy and timid last night, that she just laid with her head on my husband’s lap.  I thought she might be a little dog aggressive, because she was growling in a big dog way at our beagle when she came to meet her.

Today, she was still acting that way, but with some encouragement (she loves attention today) she started to slowly become interested in our lab (9months) and even did the cute puppy yip for playing.  She also rolled onto her back so I would rub her belly and play with her and rub her belly.  Now she’s sleeping on the floor next to me.

It will take time but I’m excited to watch her grow and learn that the world isn’t so scary and mean.

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